I am sure most of you know what I.M.B.A is, for those of you who do not check it out at International Mountain Bike Association. For those of you who do not know what an Epic trail is you can find out by going here The IMBA Epics

In Arkansas we have five trails that have achieved I.M.B.A Epic status and all are a great pleasure to ride. If you are looking for a back country ride, or some bikepacking, maybe your wanting something to ride for only a few hours. I guarantee you one of these five will most definitely fill the bill. Each epic will have the above I.M.B.A logo on its informational page to show that it is a I.M.B.A Epic trail. All of these trails are big ride trails and to do one of them in a day will be an all day outing for most people. The trails do have numerous trailheads and thus can be broken up into sections that can be ridden on separate days. On Mountain Bike Arkansas we have broken these these trails down into sections to make the information a bit more manageable.


Trail Region City Length Minimum Skill Type
Womble Ouachita Mount Ida 35 miles Intermediate Out & Back
Syllamo Ozarks Mountain View 50 miles Intermediate Loop
Ouachita Trail Ouachita Mena 104 miles Intermediate Out & Back
Lake Ouachita Vista Ouachita Mount Ida 36.5 miles Intermediate Out & Back
Upper Buffalo Headwaters Ozarks Jasper 37 miles Intermediate Loop