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The variety of trails, year-round riding, and scenic beauty make Colorado one of the top biking areas in the nation. Local trails and roads offer rides suitable for the entire family, as well as adventure seekers looking for the ultimate biking challenge. The mountain biking season begins early each year. Mountain trails begin opening up in April. The season doesn't end until the snow muddies the trails in late October. Colorado offers fat trackers more than 1,000 miles of scenic trails to ride. Many roads in the region are designated as Scenic Byways and are very popular among road biking enthusiasts. Whether you're fat tracking or road biking you will find spectacular vistas in this region of majestic mountains, broad plateaus, rugged canyons, crystal clear streams," and scenic mountain lakes.

Please be aware that this information is not current nor is it updated. Trails change over time so please check with the locals before going out to a trail.


Ride City Length Type Skill
18 Road Trails Ride 2012 Fruita 14.6 miles Loop Intermediate
Apex Ride 2015 Golden 6 miles Lollipop Intermediate
Betasso Ride 2015 Boulder 6.8 miles Loop Beginner
Buffalo Creek Ride 2012 Pine 11.7 miles Loop Intermediate
Colorado Trail Ride 2001 Pine 12.7 miles Out & Back Intermediate
Dakota Ridge Ride 2015 Denver 9.5 miles One Way Intermediate
Hermosa Creek Ride 2000 Durango 18.7 miles One Way Intermediate
Kokopelli Trails Ride 2001 Fruita 10.2 miles Loop Intermediate
Kokopelli Trails Ride 2011 Fruita 9 miles Loop Intermediate
Lair 'O the Bear Ride 2012 Denver 13.5 miles Out & Back Intermediate
The Lunch Loops Ride 2014 Grand Junction 5 miles Loop Intermediate
Mount Falcon Ride  2014 Morrison 9.8 miles Out & Back Beginner
Overend Mountain Park Ride 2014 Durango 6.5 miles Loop Beginner
Phil's World Ride  2011 Cortez 10.3 miles Loop Beginner
Telegraph Trails Ride 2001 Durango 11.7 miles Loop Intermediate
Telegraph Trails Ride 2011 Durango 11.9 miles Loop Intermediate
Three Sisters 2015 Denver 7.2 miles Loop Intermediate
Twin Buttes Trail 2014 Durango 8.3 miles Loop Beginner
Winter Park 2000 Winter Park 27 miles Loop Beginner