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The state is abundantly blessed with mountain bike trails, in terms of both numbers and diversity. Albuquerque’s Foothills network is burned in and well signed. Many of the Las Cruces trails are genuine desert rippers that thread parched cactus-scapes on sand and rock. In Taos, in the course of a few miles, you can traverse crackling piñon country up to cool shade beside alpine tarns.

Please be aware that this information is not current nor is it updated. Trails change over time so please check with the locals before going out to a trail.


Ride City Length Type Skill
Otero Canyon Ride 2000 Albuquerque 5 miles Loop Intermediate
Otero Canyon Ride 2001 Albuquerque 9 miles Loop Intermediate
Sandia Foothills Ride 2005 Albuquerque 9.5 miles Loop Beginner
Sandia Peak Ride 2000 Albuquerque 13 miles One-way Beginner
Sandia Peak Ride 2001 Albuquerque 16 miles One-way Intermediate
Santa Fe Rail Trail Ride 2000 Santa Fe 8 miles Out & Back Novice
South Boundary Ride 2001 Taos 20 miles One-way Intermediate
Winsor Trail Rdie 2001 Santa Fe 12.8 miles Loop Intermediate