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There are hundreds of cool places to bike in Texas and it offers some of the best biking in the United States. There are miles of empty roads with rolling terrain that cuts through ranches and farms with wildflowers, gnarled trees, rugged rocks, wild and domestic animals and beautiful views. Mountain bike trails are plentiful and offer a world of fun for bicyclists of all ages and experience levels – from mountain bike maniacs to six-year-old kids and seventy-year young grandparents.

Please be aware that this information is not current nor is it updated. Trails change over time so please check with the locals before going out to a trail.


Ride City Length Type Skill
Anthills Ride 2008 Houston 5 miles One-way Intermediate
Arbor Hills Ride 2003 Dallas 2 miles Loop Beginner
Bonham State Park Ride 2000 Bonham  6.5 miles Loop  Beginner
Boulder Park Ride 2000 Dallas  12 miles Loop  Intermediate
Cedar Hill State Park Ride 2003 Dallas  9 miles Loop  Beginner
Cleburne State Park Ride 2005 Cleburne  6 miles Loop  Intermediate 
Cypresswood Ride 2011 Houston  7.5 miles Loop Beginner 
Dinosaur Valley State Park Ride 2000 Glen Rose  12 miles Loop Intermediate 
Double Lake Ride 2011 Houston  9.5 miles Loop Novice 
Erwin Park Ride 2012 McKinney 7 miles Loop Beginner
Horseshoe Ride 2000 Dallas 4 miles Loop Beginner
Isle du Bois Ride 2005 Denton 9 miles Loop Intermediate
Johnson Branch Ride 2000 Denton 8 miles Loop Beginner
Kobb Hills Ride 2000 Dallas 12 miles Out & Back Intermediate
LB Houston Ride 2000 Dallas 6 miles Loop Novice
McAllister Park Ride 2011 San Antonio 6 miles Loop Beginner
Memorial Park Ride 2011 Houston 12.6 miles Loop Beginner
North Shore Ride 2000 Dallas 20 miles Out & Back Intermediate
Palo Duro Canyon State Park Ride 2011 Amarillo 8 miles Loop Intermediate
Rowlett Creek Ride 2002 Dallas 13 miles Loop Intermediate
Sister Grove Ride 2000 McKinney 6 miles Loop Beginner
Stephen F Austin State Park Ride 2010 Houston 5 miles Loop Novice
Tyler State Park Ride 2000 Tyler 8 miles Loop Intermediate
Windmill Hill Ride 2000 Dallas 5 miles Loop Novice